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Medical Marijuana and Sleep Disorders

Medical marijuana or prescription medication are your two options if you are having a problem of sleep. If you compare the results of taking these two types of remedy, it has been the experience of many that using medical marijuana gives them a better quality of sleep with no side effects than using prescription drugs. It is difficult not to be able to sleep well at night, because you will surely have a poor performance the next day and will affect many other aspects of your life. A person suffering from insomnia will have health problems. Other adverse effects of not having good quality sleep at night is relationship strain and not being able to give you best at work and at home. Prescription drugs will not have a good effect when you wake up the next day since your body will still feel sluggish and you are drowsy most of the time. These effects don’t happen to people taking medical marijuana to remedy their sleeping problems. You can use medical marijuana instead of prescription medication if you don’t want to mess up your day at the office the next day.

The drugs that are currently prescribed to overcome sleep disorders are dangerous and habit forming. But with medical marijuana, these effects are not identified or experienced as shown by researches. You don’t get addicted to medical marijuana and it solves your sleep problem and gives you a good quality one. The next day, you will feel refreshed and well rested.

Those who have taken medical marijuana for their insomnia have reported getting a quality of sleep that they have never experienced before. Their ability to fall asleep and stay asleep has been greatly improved. And, the next day, they do not feel any residual drowsiness as they experience with prescription medication. When you use prescription medication continuously, you can become addicted to it. If your body gets immune to these prescription drugs, you will soon find yourself unable to sleep so you take a higher dosage for it to be effective. A higher dosage means greater side effects.

You will not have many problems taking medical marijuana for your sleeping disorders. Taking medical marijuana regularly is not habit forming and even if you take a greater dosage, you don’t suffer any adverse side effects.

Getting a good night’s sleep every night is very important to enjoy your life. A person who feels very much relaxed and rested is more productive at work, will have quality time with his family, and will be very active in life. You quality of life is affected by the quality of sleep you get each night.

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