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Tourist Attraction Features and Activities in the Second Populous Country in the World

The importance of travel and tourism is very significant. Travel enables one to meet new people and make friends, it offers cultural education, it boosts the resume, it provides a chance to enjoy new meals and cuisines and one may learn a new language. India is one of the best countries you should visit not less than make your resume once in your lifetime. India is a country located in South Asia. The population of India is very high. India borders with China, Indian Ocean, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bhutan. Truth Alone Triumphs is India’s motto. This website has more about this populous country. The following are some of the features which make India an excellent country to visit.

The amazing beaches of India makes India a great country. The coastline of India is more than 7,000 kilometers. The number of beaches in India is high. The most amazing beaches are found in Gokarna, Tarkarli, Puri, Nicobar, and Andaman. You don’t have to worry about prices since there are restaurants which offer both costly and affordable services. Click here to learn more about India.

The second populous country in the world has a rich history. In this famous country, there are a lot of monuments, temples, palaces, ruins, forts, and mosques. India history will teach you a lot. The UNESCO has also listed various places in India as World Heritage. Learn more about the history of India here.

Taj Mahal which is among the seven wonders of the World also makes India a lovely country to visit. Once you visit Taj Mahal, you will learn more about Emperor Jahan who built this large mausoleum. To learn more about when and how Taj Mahal was built, you need to plan a visit to India.

The other reason you should visit India is affordability. India is among places you can visit without spending a lot. You can visit different places in India using trains, the accommodations services are cheaper, and you will spend little on food. You don’t have to avoid luxuries and basic needs to plan a visit a to India as the page suggests.

You need to visit India to see the Himalayas. You also need to go to India to see the highest mountain in the world. The number of mountains in the Himalayas are more than 50. You will have a great experience after going hiking in the Himalayas as you can see here.

The festivals in India also make this country a tourist attraction site. In India, only just a few days don’t have festivals. Unmarried women, kites, Diwali and camels are the greatest festivals in this famous country. In Diwali, the Festival of Lights, you will see fireworks being thrown into the sky.

Shopping places also make India a tourist destination. There are many old markets in India which have a great history.