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Facts About Ficus Lyrata Every Gardener Should Be Aware Of

Many homeowners and gardeners around the globe prefer the Fiddle Leaf fig for the beautification of their homes. It’s purpose and reputation is what makes a difference and hence more reason as to why most homeowners prefer it. The reason why it is preferred by homeowners as well as incorporate buildings and offices, is because it has waxy dark green foliage that gives your walls and other colors a different impression. The maintenance and conservation cost is very low as it needs less attention, unlike other plants and flowers that we use in our homes. The plant is convenient for your home or office as you will not have to struggle about trimming or need to look for bigger space as you can decide on the size of the plant that you want. You need to be clinical when it comes to taking care of the plant lest you end up losing it due to different weather conditions. Just like any other plant either used for decoration within the home or out in the compound, ample care needs to be taken in order to enable it to thrive better.

Fiddle Leaf fig plant grows better in warm and wet conditions, and hence you need to make sure that such conditions are provided as required. Make an effort to ensure that you have the necessary tips that will enable you to take care of the plant in the right manner. When it comes to lighting, the plant requires bright and consistent sunlight. To make sure that your plant access enough light it is vital that you get to have wider windows. If you might end up in a room with a limited amount of sunlight, there are limited chances that the plant will grow and give you the result that you had expected. Water is among the most crucial components that will facilitate the ample growth of the Fiddle Leaf fig plant. You will need to water the Fiddle Leaf fig plant on a span of two or less week as its water intake is very limited. When you are having a problem or limited time to check on the plant it is vital that you get to hire a gardener to take care of it.

The Fiddle Leaf fig plant is much cheaper and convenient as it utilizes most of the nutrients that it gets after its time in the nursery. It is, however, essential to check on the plant and look out for any signs that it is lacking nutrients like yellow leaves. When putting fertilizer, consider a complete compound fertilizer that is soluble. This plant could be vulnerable to some pests like aphids, mites, and whiteflies and thus vital that you be on the lookout always and take the necessary precautions.

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